Weight Loss Through Hypnosis: A Potent Weapon Against Weight

If you think that hypnosis is all about making people do things on stage they normally wouldn’t do, then you can’t be blamed for thinking that losing weight with the aid of hypnosis is impossible.

But the idea you see on stage with the dubious hypnotist is actually partially right: hypnosis can make you do things you normally won’t do. However, hypnosis is also about self-actualizing, about removing blocks to what you would like to do, and to strengthen your habits, resolve or focus to keep on doing what you want to do. And if what you want to do is lose weight, well, then, that sounds about right, doesn’t it?


What’s the difference?


You see, dieting and exercise show you plans on how your body can lose weight. This usually involves eating food that will give you maximum energy and protein for the least amount of calories, and how to burn excess calories, while balancing muscle tone and cardiovascular health. But one thing these ways to lose weight does not address – and hypnosis does – is why you feel the way you do about food. Why do you need to eat when you feel alone, or when you’re stressed out? Why do you choose the fattier alternative, rather than an equally tasty, but healthier dish?

By targeting your unconscious mind, and working out some of your psychological concerns, hypnotherapists can help you modify your thinking patterns so you can eat correctly, and even better, not feel bad about “what you’re missing.”


What are the signs that I might need hypnosis to lose weight?

1) You eat so fast, you don’t even taste the flavors in your food, or ignore your body’s own signals that you are full. This may have been reinforced in childhood or in social circumstances.

2) You will eat everything on your plate, even when you are full. This is usually reinforced by parents in childhood.


3) You eat when you are bored, lonely, upset, or miserable. This may have been triggered by a significant event or set of events in your past.


4) You use the promise of food as a reward to yourself. This particular compunction is probably the worst thing you can do when you’re dieting or exercising to lose weight. 


As you can see, all of what has been mentioned has nothing to do with diet, exercise, or even motivation. These are practically built-in bad habits, all of which can be addressed by proper hypnotherapy.


Weight loss through hypnosis aims to get to the foundation of “fat person” behavior, by addressing all the behaviors that can and do lead to weight gain.


What can hypnosis do for me?

1) Hypnotherapists believe that since you have already decided to lose weight, you already have everything you need to lose weight – coupled with proper diet and exercise. However, there is an amount of insecurity – “Will I be able to do this?” – hypnotherapists can help you confront, and this may minimize or remove some bad habits from your psyche.


2) You must believe. Do research on the right diet and exercise plan for yourself – don’t go for faddish solutions, consult with a proper physical trainer and dietician. Yes, you will feel daunted, but then, that is why hypnosis is the third corner of the triangle in the situation; the trainer and the doctor have given you their suggested weapons against weight, and hypnotherapists will help you realize that it *can* be done, with just the right push from yourself.


3) Think positive. Hypnosis specialist will also help you come up with a positive mantra, one that will make you feel good about being on your diet and exercise plan – or even just avoiding overeating itself. It can be as simple as reminding yourself that you don’t want to get more physical problems in the future, that you need to treat your body like the temple that it is.


4) Visualization is important. Hypnotists will help you reinforce your visualization. Do you remember when you were thin? Do you have an idea of how you would look like in the future once you get thin? No problem, hypnosis can help with that, turning it into a visual component for your positive thinking. This also applies to visualizing and symbolizing how you can avoid food that you really don’t need.


5) Multiple strategies are also a good idea – there’s more than one way to skin the fat cat. Hypnosis has many ways of addressing your concerns, so that we can help you in more than one way, making sure that what works best can be addressed in the most efficient ways possible. This also means that as time goes on, your hypnotherapist and you have to change your approaches, to what fits the current situation the best.

6) You should also keep on going. Just because you saw your weight drop off for the first few months does not mean you don’t need hypnosis sessions anymore. On the contrary, as time goes on, you may certainly end up with fewer sessions in a year, but it makes sense to come back for a refresher session. Also, you should be able to reinforce in yourself that even if you do backslide into old habits every once in a while, the important thing is to address how it happened, and to see how you can address it properly next time. Hypnosis can certainly help you with that, aside from removing all the negative feelings in your psyche that may be building up again.

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